Walter Leslie

Leslie, Walter

k. k. Feldmarschall, Verschwörer gegen Wallenstein (1607-1667). Letter signed. Ingolstadt. 3 SS. auf gefalt. Bogen. Folio.
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In Italian, to an unidentified recipient: "Ho riceputo la di V. S. insieme con altre lettere quali non ho mancato di servirlo conforme, m' ha commandato, per la sua, come sempre sarò ad ogni suo comando. Circa al provederè del del S. Bilick [?] S. M. Reggia hà già disposto al Altezza del Cardinal Infante il provedere al detto ove son più, che cento, in lasciandosi [...]". - An early, long letter dating from the beginning of Leslie's career, as a major in the infantry regiment of count Adam Erdmann Trcka, shortly before Wallenstein was reinstated as commander of the Imperial Army.

Born at Fetternear House in Aberdeenshire, Leslie crossed the North Sea to join the Protestant Army of the United Provinces at age 17; in 1630 he transferred to the Imperial Army. Leslie's leading role in the assassination plot against Wallenstein (in the course of which he himself was wounded) paved the way to his subsequent brilliant career as an officer, courtier and landlord. - Some duststaining to margins; traces of folds; repairs to second leaf..

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