Joachim La Farge

La Farge, Joachim

economist (1748-1839). Document signed ("Lafarge"). Paris. 4to. 1 p.
$ 1,745 / 1.500 € (59754/BN44266)

La Farge, as director general of the Caisse d'Epargne, with other bank officers including M. Mitouflet, appoints Jean Rodde as procurer general: "Before the notary public of the Department of the Seine, living in Paris, the undersigned were present - citizens Joachim de LaFarge, Director General of the Savings and Loan Bank, living in Paris at 701, rue de Grammont in the Le Pelletier section; Jean Charles Magnaud du Planier, same address as the above; Pierre Etienne Recalle, living at the above-mentioned street and section; Louis Charles Mitouflet, the same address.

The administrators of the said bank have created and named as their Procurer General and Special Assistant Mr. Jean Rodde, office boy at 701 rue de Grammont, to whom they give the power for them and in their names [to accept] all registered letters and packages by post which may be presently addressed to them and will be so in the future, to give receipts and sign all appropriate registers" (transl.)..

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