Ioannis Kapodistrias

Kapodistrias, Ioannis

Greek statesman (1776-1831). Autograph letter signed. Moscow. 1 p. on bifolium. 4to.
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To an unidentified "génèral", with a thousand thanks for "impenetrable" boots that serve Kapodistrias on his daily walks, writing that the granite of St. Petersburg is absent from Moscow and mentioning the fine days he spent Carlsbad. The Emperor, he says, favoured him with this holiday and promised Kapodistrias another leave for next year, which he hopes to spend in Carlsbad again. Kapodistrias wishes the "génèral" to join him there and mentions the thermal springs ("Sproudel"): "Mille et Mille graces, Mon Génèral.

Les bottes impenetrables me servent tous les jours à la promenade. Nous n'avons pas ici le granit de S. Petersbourg. Ainsi vos bienfaits me sont doublement agréables et salutaires. On me fait payer avec les beaux jours de Carlesbad. [...] c'est que l'Empereur m'a promis une [...] vacance pour l'année prochaine, donc je ne manquerai pas d'en jouir egalement à Carlesbad. Tachez de ne pas vous mettre hors de partie - Et venez encore faire l'amateur au milieu des Aevenues du Sproudel - ces voeux sont très sincères [...]". - In early 1817, Kapodistrias's relationship to the Tsar was put to the test as a Greek adventurer, Nikolaos Galatis, came to St. Petersburg in the name of a leader of the "Filiki Eteria", the revolutionary secret organisation founded in Odessa in 1814, appealing to Kapodistrias to assume leadership of the movement for Greek independence. Although he was a fellow Greek, Kapodistrias declined, as he felt loyal to Czar Alexander, who was still committed to upholding the established order in Europe and had no interest in supporting a revolt against the Ottoman Empire. As the movement progressed, Kapodistrias eventually took leave from his position as Foreign Minister, returned to Greece and took an active role in the Revolution. He went on to serve as the first head of state of independent Greece (1827-31). Kapodistrias is considered the architect of Greek independence and a founder of the modern Greek state. - Very well preserved..

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