Leonardus Justinianus

Justinianus, Leonardus

Gouverneur der Insel Krk (D. n. b.). Autograph letter signed. Krk. ¾ S. Folio. Mit eh. Adresse (Faltbrief) und papiergedecktem Siegel von Venedig (Markuslöwe).
$ 3,206 / 3.000 € (20587)

To the Council of Ten in Venice. Justinianus was governor (“Provisor”) of the Croatian island Krk (Veglia), which stood under Venecian control since 1480. He had been ordered to inform monasteries, churches and communities of the island that their preachers should calm down the people in face of the Turkish army danger and neither preach against the Turks nor introduce any tax. Jusitinianus met the vicar-general and the priests and told them to execute this command “ad unguem” on pain of penalties. – Slightly browned and dusted, with defects to edges.

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