Sydney Robert Fleming Jones

Jones, Sydney Robert Fleming

Maler (1881–1966). Eigenh. Brief mit U. und eh. Postkarte mit U. [London]. Zusammen 2 SS. 4to und qu.-8vo. Die Postkarte mit eh. Adresse.
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Sydney Robert Fleming Jones (1881–1966), Maler. E. Brief und e. Postkarte mit U., [London], 1921. Zusammen 2 Seiten 4° und qu.-8°. Die Postkarte mit e. Adresse. – An den Maler, Kunstautor und Sekretär der Society of Graphic Arts Frank L. Emmanuel (1865–1948). I: „Very many thanks for your card and for so kindly offering space at the Show. As the drawings I wished to send one not yet framed, I am afraid that at this late date I shall have to leave sending until the next time a show is arranged by the S[ociety] G[raphic] [Arts] when I hope to be more lucky […]” (Postkarte v.

[17. Januar 1921]). – II: „Your circular of March 1920, relating to the foundation of the ,Society of Graphic Art’, has only just come into my hands through my absence from town. There is, I think, a great need for a really representative Society of black and white work, a phase of art which so often meets with so little recognition for the fine work which is done. I shall be glad to accept your invitation to become an original member […]” (Br. v. 12. April 1920)..

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