Jean-Baptiste Prosper Jollois

Jollois, Jean-Baptiste Prosper

Ingenieur und Begleiter Napoleons nach Ägypten (1776-1842). Autograph letter signed. Paris. ½ S. auf Doppelblatt. 8vo.
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To the politician François Cantagrel: "Monsieur Cantagrel est invité à accueiller M. Wiesenfeld et à lui montrer tous les travaux du pont de St. Cloud [...]." The bridge of St. Cloud had been renovated and widened in 1808 at the command of Napoleon. - In 1798 Jollois had been a member of the French Expedition to Egypt; in Cairo he had been made resident engineer for the construction of bridges and roads. In 1799 he travelled through Upper Egypt, where he studied not only the archaeological artefacts, but also trade routes and the Nile irrigation system north of the First Cataract.

Together with Édouard de Villiers du Terrage he discovered the tomb of Amenhotep III; he was one of the editors of the famous "Description de l'Égypte". Here, he signs as "L'ingénieur en chef, Directeur des p[on]ts et ch[auss]ées de la Seine / Jollois"..

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