Henry David (pseud. Derwent Conway) Inglis

Inglis, Henry David (pseud. Derwent Conway)

Scottish travel writer and journalist (1795-1835). Autograph letter signed. No place. 01.04.1833. 8vo. With the fragment of another letter (155 x 65 mm). A total of 2 pp.
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To a friend whom he presents with a copy of his travelogue "The Tyrol, with a Glance at Bavaria", published in 1833: "Permit me to request your acceptance of the accompanying copy of my work on the Tyrol, etc. just published [...]". - To an acquaintance looking forward to his answer: "Expecting to have the pleasure of hearing from you or Mr. Bayles soon [...]". - The additional piece comprises the final three lines clipped from another letter, signed as Derwent Conway, with parts of the address legible on verso.

- Previously in the collection of the English novelist Catherine Hutton (1756-1846), both items trimmed and mounted on backing paper with a few biographical notes in her handwriting, mentioning some of Inglis's publications. An engraved portrait of the writer, mounted on paper, is enclosed..

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