Alexander Herzen

Russian writer, 1812-1870

"Aleksandr Ivanovich Herzen was a Russian writer and thinker known as the ""father of Russian socialism"" and one of the main fathers of agrarian populism (being an ideological ancestor of the Narodniki, Socialist-Revolutionaries, Trudoviks and the agrarian American Populist Party). With his writings, many composed while exiled in London, he attempted to influence the situation in Russia, contributing to a political climate that led to the emancipation of the serfs in 1861. He published the important social novel ""Who is to Blame?"" (1845–46). His autobiography, ""My Past and Thoughts"" (written 1852–1870), is often considered one of the best examples of that genre in Russian literature."

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Herzen, Alexander

Philosopher, writer and politician (1812-1870). Rare ADS in French, signed several times within the text in the third-person, “Alex. Herzen” and ”M. Herzen.“ n.p.n.d. [Paris August 1849] . 8vo. 3 pages.
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An eight-article agreement between Herzen and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, concerning a loan of 24,000 francs for the publication of a newspaper to be repaid with five-percent interest. The agreement dictates that (translated) “the general direction of the newspaper will be exclusively entrusted to M. Proudhon,” and that “M. Proudhon assigns a right to active participation in Mr. Herzen in the part of foreign policy by accepting articles and correspondence sent by him.” However, Proudhon "has the right to refuse items when they are contrary to the general trend of the newspaper or if that section would be likely to result in a conviction." In fine condition, with central vertical and horizontal folds, light creases, and slight show-through from writing to opposing sides..

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Herzen, Alexander

Autograph letter signed.
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar

To Pierre-Joseph Proudhon whom he offers a portrait of Mikhail Bakunin done in Irkutsk and giving news about their friend Semo S.: „[…] Lui et nous aussi nous sommes maintenant dans toutes les transes de l'attente, nous sommes assis comme une sagefemme après les premiers tourments dans l'expectative de la petite émancipation faudra-t-il employer le forceps ou non Notre propagande va son train, et peut être cela vous etonnera ce n'est pas à Moscou, ce n'est pas à Petersbourg qu'il y a le plus de sympathies c'est dans les provinces, dans les petites Russies dans les villes universitaires et parmi les officiers […] Nos publications sont toujours en russe “[…] Il vient d'écrire „un long article“ about Robert Owen: „un anglais borné comme un insulaire l'a maltraité dans la Westminster Review j'ai voulu l'égratigner pour cela et j'ai fini par l'écorcher et par avoir écrit une longue étude. Il y a des parties où j'ai peur de ne pas avoir votre approbation […]“.