Joseph and Haydn Haydn

Haydn, Joseph and Haydn, Michael

Austrian composers. Ornamental souvenir made from the two composers' hair. Vienna. 140 : 135 mm.
$ 38,115 / 35.000 € (93401)

Ornamental souvenir made from the two composers' hair woven into a lyre crowned by two small intertwined wreaths enclosing the initials "M" and "J", placed above a semicircular garland of dried flowers framed by a gilt metal roundel (diameter 72 mm), glazed, on an ebonised ground, overall size 140 : 135 mm, manuscript label to reverse (“Cheveux de Joseph et de Michel Haydn. Les cheveux blancs sont de Jos. H. Vienne 1809 Souvenir de S. Neukomm“). A highly attractive object uniting the composer brothers Joseph and Michael Haydn. To judge from the inscription on the reverse, it appears that the Austrian composer and pianist Sigismund von Neukomm (1778-1858) was instrumental in the creation of this souvenir of the two composers; this also helpfully points out that the 'cheveux blancs' are those of Joseph Haydn.

Related himself, through his mother, to Michael Haydn, Neukomm had the distinction of being both a pupil of Michael, and (from 1797) of Joseph, for whom he had a lifelong veneration. Joseph Haydn died in Vienna on 31 May 1809; his younger brother Michael had died a few years earlier, in Salzburg, on 10 August 1806..

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