Josef Mathias Hauer

Hauer, Josef Mathias

Komponist und Musiktheoretiker (1883-1959). Autograph manifesto signed. "Während des zweiten Weltkrieges in Wien". 8 SS. Folio.
$ 16,288 / 14.000 € (33620/BN29100)

The present ms., a telling example of Hauer's idiosyncratic tastes and style, discusses matters such as "Musico-Symbolism", "Absolute Music", "Is There Such a Thing as Religion?", "Musicians' Idea-Music", the "Composition Compost Heap of Judaeo-Greek-Latin-Christian Cultural Ideas", "Twelve-Tonal Playing", and "Plagi-au-thor Societies". - Multiply stamped; slightly browned due to paper, otherwise in perfect condition.

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