Duane Hanson

Hanson, Duane

Künstler (1925–1996). Autograph letter signed. Davie. 2 SS. 4to. Mit gedruckter Adresse.
$ 530 / 500 € (10535)

Letter to Siegfried Salzmann. In part: “I’m sorry for the delay in writing to you…I’m waiting to hear who will pay for the trips to Europe. Of course, I would like to put the War piece together & make any necessary repairs as promised but must wait until all the pieces have been returned…Thank you for allowing us to borrow the work. After my last show–most of the new pieces were sold to museums such as Utrecht, Köln, Caracas, Australia, Rotterdam & many will go to museums in US so you will only be one of many.

My health has been poor this past winter. I had a second attack of cancer & had to take chemo-therapy treatments which were dreadful…Let me know if there are any more damages to the War piece.” In fine condition, with intersecting folds. Hanson is scarce in letters, particularly those mentioning his works..

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