Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall

Austrian oriental scholar, 1774-1856

Baron Joseph Freiherr von Hammer-Purgstall was an pioneering Austrian orientalist and historian. Entering the diplomatic service in 1796, he was appointed in 1799 to a position in the Austrian embassy in Istanbul, and in this capacity he took part in the expedition under Admiral William Sidney Smith and General John Hely-Hutchinson against France. In 1807 he returned home from the East, after which he was made a privy councillor. For fifty years Hammer-Purgstall wrote prolifically on the most diverse subjects and published numerous texts and translations of Arabic, Persian and Turkish authors. He was the first to publish a complete translation of the divan of Hafez into a western language.

Source: Wikipedia

Hammer-Purgstall, Joseph von

Orientalist (1774-1856). "Triolet". Autograph manuscript of a poem signed. O. O. 1 S. 4to.
$ 2,985 / 2.500 € (72744/BN46764)

For a consul general: "Triolet || Le premier jour du mois de Mai | Fut le plus hereux de ma vie. | Fanchin || So eben dacht ich heut am ersten Mai | An Fanchins hochberühmtes Triolet, | Und wie die Jahre längstens schon vorbei | Da Sylvien ich sah am ersten Mai. | Da brachte mir Dein Both des Blattes Reih | Die im Geschenk des Buchs an mich besteht, | Drum sende ich Dir heut am ersten Mai | Als Dank für den Quatrain dies Triolet [...]". - A fine fair copy, probably intended as a gift.

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