George Grove

Grove, George

English writer on music and founding editor of Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians (1820-1900). 3 autograph letters signed. London. 8vo and small 8vo. Altogether 5 pp. on bifolia. With a portrait photograph of George Grove.
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To a Mrs. Lyell, possibly the botanist and biographer Katherine Murray Lyell (1815-1917), concerning the engagement of a musician: "Thank you for your letter. I remember seeing and hearing Miss Eissler some two years ago. I am very sorry to say that I have no opening for her here, and I do not know in what way I can benefit her in general musical matters. - She knows Mr. Manns, for I heard her there, and she probably knows Mr. Chappell. - Should any way of benefiting her occur to me I will write to her.

- I heard of her sisters only a very short time since from somebody who had just come from Florence, and was glad to hear that they are well. - With good wishes for the New Year [...]" (2 January 1885). - The Eissler sisters were a musical sensation originating from Brno. It remains unclear on behalf which of the six sisters the original letter was written. Violinist Marianne Eissler and harpist Clara Eissler collaborated for most of their career and are probably referred to as "her sisters". As organizer of the Crystal Palace Concerts, founding editor of "Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicans" and co-founder and first director of the "Royal College of Music" from 1883, Grove was a leading figure in London's music scene. So far no connection between him and Katherine Murray Lyell or other members of the Lyell family could be established beyond the provenance of the letters at hand. - On stationery with printed letterhead of the "Royal College of Music". - To a Mr. Lyell, possibly Leonard Lyell (1850-1929), concerning a publication: "I have been in communication with my co-executor for some little time about the childrens sermons and I think that it is not impossible that they may be published. Personally I shall be very glad of them, as I admire them very much [...]" (Sydenham [London], 21 April 1889). It remains unclear from whose legacy this publication should have come forth. On mourning paper; some foxing. - To an unidentified recipient in connection with the Horner/Lyell family: "I have had Miss Horner's letter though too busy this week to do more than glance through it. There is a Pass for tomorrow for your party. But for the future you should acquire the right to come in which you can do by becoming a shareholder. My Mr Gardiner will tell you all about it if you could call at the office after Monday to see him [...]" (undated). The letter probably concerns the Crystal Palace Saturday Concerts organized by George Grove from 1855. On stationery with embossed letterhead of the Crystal Palace, Sydenham..

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