Maxim Gorky

Gorky, Maxim

d. i. Alexei Maximowitsch Peschkow, Schriftsteller (1868-1936). Typed letter signed ("M. Gorky"). no place, Oct. 28, 1921 (28.X. 21 is written at lower left). Folio. 1 page. Onion skin paper.
$ 15,198 / 12.500 € (60453)

To "Dear Sirs" saying "the most valuable treasure of humanity is its intellectual force, its scientific experiment [...] and the most precious men in the world are the men of science [...]". He calls attention to the desperate plight of Russian scientists who are literally dying of hunger because the Soviet Government has no money and cannot pay them for their work. He pleads for flour, grain, beans, fats and sugar and asks for help in printing the works of Russian scientists, since there is no paper or technical means in Russia.

"America would bring a great gift to the cause of humanity [...] For you, citizen of the richest of countries who know how to execute immense industrial undertakings, - - this task should be such an easy one [...]". - Numerous penciled notes and several chips..

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