Charles George Gordon

Gordon, Charles George, also known as Chinese Gordon, Gordon Pasha, and Gordon of Khartoum

British Army officer and administrator (1833-1885). Autograph letter signed with illustrations. Keren in Southern Sudan. 8vo. 5 pp.
$ 4,901 / 4.500 € (80427)

To Col. Nugent. Gordon writes having "Just arrived from Massawah today. 4½ days more or less misery the first 2½ days were along the desert by sea, the other two days were along mountainous passes", Gordon describes being met "at the foot of the Massalut pass ... by a hoard of all sorts ... musicians & dancers ... however any emotion I felt at this disappeared when I was claimed as a countryman, by an Englishman dressed like an Abbysinian viz with a sheet wrapped around him ... a white man looks loathsome half naked" after having been released by Napier he returned to Abbysinia, "He wants to go back to Abbysinia & I will let him, for he longs to go.

He has become a complete Abbysinian in all his ways". Gordon goes on to sketch a map of Keren and its occupation by Nunnzinger and mentions that "the Khedive has made me a Marshal or Murdi and has given me the uniform". Signed "C. G. Gordon". - Together with a full transcript..

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