Rumer Godden

Godden, Rumer

englische Schriftstellerin (1907–1998). Eigenh. Brief mit U. Lockerbie. 2 SS. Gr.-8vo.
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Rumer Godden (1907–1998), englische Schriftstellerin. E. Brief mit U. Lockerbie, 19. November 1981. 2 Seiten Gr.-8°. – An den Autographensammler Otmar Meisel in Hamburg über ihre Bücher und vor allem „A fugue in time“: „It is with real pleasure that I sign your letter copy of a Fugue in Time. Pleasure because seldom have I had a more rewarding letter [with] more understanding of what I tried to do in it i. e. keeping the musical theme of a fugue with its three inner themes past present future.

It took me eight years to learn the technique of how to intermeane them without breaking continuity. When I had mastered it, I was tempted to use it again in China Court with five generations, not just three. But, though most people prefer it, like you[,] I really prefer Fugue in Time always feeling that China Court is a little contrived […]”. – Auf Briefpapier mit gedr. Adresse..

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