Nikolai Karlovich de Giers

Giers, Nikolai Karlovich de

Russian statesman (1820-1895). Autograph letter signed in the text. N. p. ½ S. Large 8vo.
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Accepting the friendly invitation of the German ambassador for Tuesday: "Mr. de Giers aura l'honneur de se rendre à l'aimabel invitation de Son Excellence Monsieur L'Ambassadeur d'Allemagne pour le Mardi [...]". - "In 1878, when Prince Aleksandr Gorchakov became incapable of performing his duties, Giers became acting foreign minister; he was formally appointed to that post on April 9 (March 28, O.S.), 1882. Although his major aim was to maintain Russia's alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary (the Dreikaiserbund, or Three Emperors' League), Giers was unable to do so.

A major Balkan crisis that began in September 1885 had greatly accentuated the divergent interests of Russia and Austria. When the Dreikaiserbund lapsed in 1887, Giers negotiated a new alliance with Germany only (the Reinsurance Treaty; 1887) but was unable to renew it in 1890" (Encyclopædia Britannica)..

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