Charles Dana Gibson

Gibson, Charles Dana

Cartoonist und Illustrator (1867-1944). Printed menu card with 20 signatures. The Aldine (New York). 4 SS. auf Doppelblatt. Kl.-4to.
$ 4,829 / 4.500 € (91330/BN60362)

Printed menu for a farewell dinner held in honour of the famous illustrator on 17 October 1893, at the Aldine Hotel in New York, with his own signature and those of 19 additional American artists and authors, including Robert Bridges, Charles S. Reinhart, Thure de Thulstrup, Daniel Carter Bread, Arthur Scribner, Richard Watson Gilder, William S. Rainsford, and William H. Russell. At the end of his own signature, Gibson has added a small portrait sketch in profile - possibly a self-portrait as a 26-year-old.

The front page shows a printed illustration by the artist: a weeping "Gibson Girl" standing on the dock as a ship recedes into the horizon; the back shows a pencil caricature of Queen Victoria (not, apparently, by Gibson). - Gibson became famous for creating the "Gibson Girl", an iconic representation of the beautiful and independent woman that reflected an ideal of the American age between the 1890s and WWI. - Signatures in pencil. Slight wrinkling and staining. A small tear in the fold has been repaired..

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