Ernst Ludwig Gerber

Gerber, Ernst Ludwig

Komponist (1746-1819). "Fuga dal Rev. P. Martini in la Raccolta per l'anno 1757 dal Marpurg." Autograph musical manuscript signed ("Scripto per E. L. Gerber"). Leipzig. Titel, 2 SS. auf gefalt. Bogen. 64 Takte. Qu.-Folio.
$ 6,975 / 6.500 € (935157/BN935157)

"Allegro" for harpsichord by Giovanni Battista Martini (1706-84), from Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg's collection "Raccolta delle più nuove composizioni di clavicembalo di differenti maestri ed autori" (Leipzig, Breitkopf). Penned by Gerber during his years in Leipzig as a law student and cellist in the Leipzig orchestra. - Gerber, musical instructor of the children of the Prince of Sondershausen, succeeded his father as court organist and court secretary in 1775. - Some browning, with a large brownstain.

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