Jules Gérard

Gérard, Jules

Afrikaforscher u. Löwenjäger (1817–1864). Autograph letter signed. London. Gr.-8vo. 1 S. Doppelblatt.
$ 894 / 800 € (25158)

To „Monsieur le directeur“, evidently an English editor, asking him to publish an extract from a letter describing Gérard’s forthcoming journey of exploration into Central Africa, in the hope of recruiting a naturalist and a mining engineer, both English, for the expedition. – The French officer and Africanist Gérard was famous in Northern Africa for hunting lions; his works include „La Chasse au Lion“ (1858, with illustrations by G. Doré), „Lion Hunting and Sporting Life in Algeria“ (1856), „Les Chasses d’Afrique“ (1863), „Voyages et Chasses dans l’Himalaya“ (1862); various biographies were published, such as „The Life and Adventures of J.

Gérard the Lion Killer“ (1857). – Some light soiling..

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