Marguerite-Joséphine Georges

Georges, Marguerite-Joséphine

French actress (1787-1867). Autograph letter signed. No place. 28.09.1847. 8vo. 1 page.
$ 261 / 240 € (86088/BN56815)

Probably to a member of the Bapst family, French jewellers, about valuable buttons that she owns, mentioning that she feels slightly unwell, which is why she has asked her sister to come and see him: "Monsieur, étant un peu indisposée je charge ma soeur de vous remettre la reconnaissance de mes boutons. Si vous le désirez, elle ira même avec vous, dégager ces boutons. Je vous remercie mille fois du Service que vous me rendez [...]". - With the former collector's number "108" in pencil. Traces of former mounting on reverse; two small tears in lower margin.

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