John White Geary

Geary, John White

Gouverneur von Pennsylvania (1819-1873). Printed certification with ms. entries and signature as part of a legitimate power of attorney. Harrisburg und Philadelphia. 3½ SS. auf 4 Bll. Folio. Zusammen drei Dokumente, mit durch Ösen gezogenen Bändern verbunden, mit gepr. Papiersiegel und einem großem mit Goldpapier gedeckten Siegel des Staates Pennsylvania, dieses beidseitig geprägt. Die Vollmacht in deutscher Sprache, .
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Issued in the state of Pennsylvania in respect of a power of attorney for legal representation of a Charles H. Graham and his heirs by attorney Wilhelm Obermayer von Rechtssinn. - "In the name an by the authority of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, John W. Geary, Governor of the said Commonwealth, To all to Whom these Presents shall Come, sends Gretting: Know Ye, That the Attestation of Certificate hereunto attached is in due form and made by the proper Officer, and that John F. Young, whose name is subcribed thereto, was at the time of subcribing the same, and now is a Notary Public in the County of Philadelphia [...]".

- The certification with the additional signature of the secretary of commonwealth Francis Jordan (1820-1900). - On p. 1 the printed power of attorney with ms. entries signed by Graham, as well as an autograph addition signed by the notary John F. Young with paper-covered seal (mounted on the reverse): "Power of attorney. / Thanks to which Mr Wilhelm Obermayer, doctor of law, court lawyer in Vienna is authorized to represent Cha[rle]s H. Graham and his heirs in all legal matters in and out of court [...]" (originally in German). - The further certification from Washington with the printed document header "United States of America Department of State [...]", the printed coat of arms eagle signed by the secretary of state William F. Hunter (1808-1874), on the verso page with a autograph certificate signed of the imperial–royal ambassador in New York, Carl Frh. von Lederer (1817-1890), with remains of the seal: "Free. / To certify the above signature and the seal of the State Department of the United States [...]" (originally in German). - With a long transverse tear in the first sheet, a few small to medium-sized tears in the margins and minor marginal flaws. Slightly browned in places especially at the edges..

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