Manuel García

García, Manuel

Spanish singer, music educator, and vocal pedagogue (1805-1906). Autograph letter signed. N. p. o. d. 8vo. 1 p. on single leaf. With cabinet photograph.
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To an unidentified recipient in connection with the Lyell/Horner family, concerning music lessons: "Chère Mademoiselle - Voulez vous avoir la bonté de dire a Mr. Lyell que je serai charmé d'entendre les enfants jeudi prochain à 2h - s'ils savent quelqu'air, tant mieux. Sinon je leur ferai chanter les gammes. - Quant à Mme. Lavery, si elle veut m'honorer de sa visite egalement jeudi à 3h. Je serai à ses ordres pour les operas qu'elle voudra parcourir [...]". - After his active career as a baritone Manuel García became a successful music educator, first at the Paris Conservatory and from 1848 to 1895 at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

His many important students included Jessie Bond, Jenny Lind and Christina Nilsson. The children mentioned in this letter, probably Leonard Lyell, the later Baron Lyell (1850-1926) and his siblings, were amateurs, but several members of the Lyell/Horner family were acquainted with important musicians such as Joseph Mainzer or George and Lilian Henschel, as borne out by their surviving correspondence. This charming letter bears testimony to García's passion for musical education. - Some foxing and slight smudges..

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