George Gamow

Gamow, George

Theoretical physicist and cosmologist (1904-1968). Autograph letter signed (“g. gamow“). Copenhagen. 4to. 1 page.
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To American physicist Samuel Abraham Goudsmit, in English, thanking him for advice on dealing with American officials, suggesting that he visit Copenhagen, noting that the absence of [Niels] Bohr last month prevented him from doing much physics, and looking forward to beginning work at Ann Arbor. „Thank you very much for your […] indications how to deal with american customers [customs] and passport-controllers. I will try to follow these indications […] I am well educated by the corresponding officials on the russian fron[t]ier.

„It is so extremely pity [sic] that I will not see you in Ann-Arbor but I hope that we shall meet in some other point of the earth surface [… ] I have not done much physics last month (Bohr was away to Russia and we mainly spend the time on the strand [beach] and in cinema) but hope to plunge again in the nuclear buzness on my arrival to Ann-Arbor"..

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