Alexander Fuller-Acland-Hood

Fuller-Acland-Hood, Alexander, 2nd Baron St Audries

peer (1893-1971). Autograph letter signed. Stogursey, Bridgwater. 4to. 1¼ pp.
$ 194 / 180 € (90458/BN60160)

To the musician Frederick Allan Wilshire (1868-1944) about a concert the previous evening, and on his brother's current life: "Thank you so much for your letter. I was after all unable to attend the concert at Bridgwater this evening but I am sure you will have had a crowded house and an appreciative audience. I have gladly sent a contribution to the proceeds. I have often heard my brother speak of you. He is now very busy with his new military duties and fairly happy, I believe, though it is rather sad for him to be so much separated from his wife so soon after their marriage. He hopes to obtain a commission soon [...]". - With embossed letterhead.

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