Prince Frederick

Frederick, Prince

Duke of York and Albany (1763-1827). ALS "Frederick" 1 1/2 pages. 4to.
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Thanking his correspondent for interesting intelligence about Napoleon's proposal to the Emperor of Russia and saying he agrees with His Majesty (George III). The British bombarded Copenhagen (Aug. 16-Sept. 5, 1807) in order to seize the Dano-Norwegian fleet and make sure it didn't fall into French hands. The incident led to the outbreak of the Anglo-Russian War of 1807. - Prince Frederick, was the second eldest child and second son of King George III of the United Kingdom and a member of the House of Hanover.

From the death of his father in 1820 until his own death in 1827, he was the heir presumptive to his elder brother, King George IV, both to the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Hanover. Frederick was thrust into the British army at a very early age, appointed to high command at the age of 30, and commanded in a notoriously ineffectual campaign during the War of the First Coalition, which followed the French Revolution. Later, as Commander-in-Chief during the Napoleonic Wars, he reorganised the British army, putting in place vital administrative and structural reforms..

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