Felix Frankfurter

Frankfurter, Felix

Jurist (1882-1965). 3 masch. Briefe mit eigenh. U. Washington, D. C. Verschied. Formate. 3 Seiten. Gedr. Briefkopf „Supreme Court of the United Sates“. Dabei: 1 Kuvert.
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An den Literaturwissenschaftler Klaus W. Jonas von der Rutger University wegen einer Verabredung, mit der Zurückweisung eines Hilfeersuchens und wegen der Unterstützung der Yale University Library. „It saddens me to hear of the difficulties that confront you and your wife, and I hope very much, indeed, that the appeals of Professor Putnam and of Professor Jordan will find an early, favorable response. Unfortunately I cannot join your friends in any effort to help you because of the restrictions of the judicial office.

I wish I could do more than send you my warm good wishes. […] Thank you for sending me the introduction by Dr. Mann, which I shall read at the earliest free moment. […]“ (Br. v. 5.V.1953). „On Thanksgiving Day we had not only an uncommonly succulent turkey but also the delight that the company of highly intelligent and ardent young people give one. But your note the day following brought me even greater pleasure. That circumstances have turned out well for your wife and you […]. A very dear friend of mine has, I suppose, as deep an interest in Yale University Library as anyone, not excluding its Librarian, for no one can have a deeper interest in it than Wilmarthe S. Lewis. His contagious interest has kindled mine, apart from the fact that I have known the Law Librarian of Yale since his student days at the Harvard Law School, and so I am especially interested that you and your wife have been called, for I think of you jointly, to the Yale University Library. […]“ - Felix Frankfurter war von 1939-62 Richter am Obersten Gerichtshof der Vereinigten Staaten. - 3 Beilagen, betreffend einen Brief Frankfurters an Thomas Mann..

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