Narcisse Louis Fournier

Fournier, Narcisse Louis

French journalist, novelist, and playwright (1803-1880). Autograph letter signed. No place. 07.06.1867. 12mo. 1 page.
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To Mr. Derval, likely the actor Hyacinthe Derval (1801-85), whom he sends reviews of an unspecified work, lamenting that the second and third editions are no better than the first, hoping not having to see a fourth: "Je vous renvoie ci-joint les nos. 1901 et 1901 (bis) avec mes rapports. Cette 2e et cette 3e editions ne valent pas mieux que la 1re, esperons qu'il n'en viendra pas une 4e. Je suis à bout. J'y joins ci-inclus le rapport no 1885 [...]". - With a few handwritten notes, including the instruction to "copy and sell" ("copier et vendre"). Traces of former mounting on verso.

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