Hubert Foss

Foss, Hubert

English pianist and composer (1899-1953). Typed letter signed, with autograph postscript. London. 4to. 1 page.
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To the blind bass-baritone Sinclair Logan about a recital: "I greatly enjoyed both your singing and your songs last night. I have never heard you in better form or with better control of vocal colour. I wish I could feel that your accompanist were a patch on you, but frankly I think he was not a great success last night [...] I will try to get the recital mentioned in my 'Passing Notes', in our next Bulletin [...]". - Apart from his musical activities, Foss was the first Musical Editor (1923-41) for the Oxford University Press at Amen House in London. - On headed paper "Oxford University Press - Music Department".

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