Hippolyte Nicolas Honoré Fortoul

Fortoul, Hippolyte Nicolas Honoré

historian and politician (1811-1856). Autograph letter signed. Paris. 17.01.1851. 8vo. ½ p.
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In French, about his plans to meet Mr. Bailly on the following day to discuss new plans. - After the February Revolution of 1848, Fortoul ran for the Constituent Assembly election but was defeated. He was elected as deputy for Basses-Alpes in the 1849 French legislative election and steadily moved towards a Bonapartist position. In October 1851 he was appointed Minister of the Navy, and on 3 December 1851 he became Minister of Education and Religious Affairs. - On stationery with printed letterhead "Cabinet du Ministre de l'Instruction Publique et des Cultes". Traces of folds.

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