Richard Ford

Ford, Richard

travel writer (1796-1858). Autograph letter signed. [London]. 8vo. 2 pp. Mounted on backing paper.
$ 481 / 450 € (90445/BN60147)

To the writer and judge John A. Murray (1778-1859), explaining that bad weather prevented the Fords from visiting Mr Murray: "Just after we were about to start for your villa, the churlish skies began to spit & a heavy blanket mantled over the Park; alas! what a climate, no one even in July can calculate on any out of door engagement: Mrs. Ford [i. e. Ford's third wife, née Molesworth, 1816-1910] is sadly vexed, as she had looked forward so much to the visit & the pleasant stroll in your garden [...]".

- In 1855 Ford had published the third edition of the "Handbook for Travellers in Spain", restored to two volumes and containing much new material, but by this time his health was failing. In the same year he also wrote "Andalucia, Ronda and Granada, Murcia, Valencia, and Catalonia; the portions best suited for the invalid". - With some brownish glue residue where mounted..

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