Hanslip Fletcher

Fletcher, Hanslip

Maler und Stecher (1874–1955). Eigenh. Brief mit U. [London]. 1 S. auf Doppelblatt. 8vo.
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Hanslip Fletcher (1874–1955), Maler und Stecher. E. Brief mit U., [London], 2. Februar 1921, 1 Seite auf Doppelblatt. 8°. – An den Maler, Kunstautor und Sekretär der Society of Graphic Arts Frank L. Emmanuel (1865–1948): „I understand my asking the Secretary of the Graphic Arts Society to send a special invitation to the Archbishops Secretary calling his attention to the drawing of Lambeth Palace Library has been unfavourably commented on by my friends at the Council. I had intended writing myself to the Archbishops Secretary sending card a graceful acknowledgement of the sketching facilities received.

However being in the Gallery, I asked Mr. Chisolm to kindly write, which saved me trouble + seemed, to me at the time, just the best thing to do. I have never given the matter a thought since, till now I see I was acting unconstitutionally + the letter became an official one from the Society. I hope you + my fellow Councillors will accept my regret + apology for having for a moment embarassed them [...]“..

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