Alfred Hugh Fisher

Fisher, Alfred Hugh

Maler, Stecher und Dichter (1867–1945). Eigenh. Brief mit U. Amberley. 2 SS. auf Doppelblatt 8vo.
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Alfred Hugh Fisher (1867–1945), Maler, Stecher und Dichter. E. Brief mit U., Amberley, 22. Mai 1920, 2 Seiten auf Doppelblatt 8°. – An den Maler, Kunstautor und Sekretär der Society of Graphic Arts Frank L. Emmanuel (1865–1948): „It is a pleasure to see your name coupled with Brangwyn’s in promoting such a much needed scheme as is promised in the invitation I have just received – and which I gladly accept. All success to ,The Society of Graphic Art’. I enclose my cheque for two guineas and shall look with much interest for further communication from the Society.

Now in spite of the very busy state you must be in I venture to ask a favour. I expect to leave home almost immediately for a couple of months abroad and letters will not be forwarded. Will you send me in enclosed envelope an answer to the following two questions? Do you contemplate any show of which the sending-in-day will be before June 30? And if so, if I leave works for submission, framed, labelled and priced at my agents (A. Stiles & Sons […]) would you be able to send him the necessary form and notice of place, day & hour for sending in works in my absence? If all this is premature and you do not contemplate any show till later on than June 30 please do not trouble to answer this at all […]”.

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