Robert James „Bobby“ Fischer

Fischer, Robert James „Bobby“

11. Schachweltmeister (1943-2008). Autograph letter signed. New York. 4to. 1 1/2 pp.
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To „Mr. Targ“, whom he asks for help whom he asks for help because of a biography that has not been authorised by him. „[…] several years ago you mentioned to me that you knew a top ‘Patent rights’ lawyer. I’m especially interested in it now because a book of my games and biography is coming out in a couple of months (completly unauthorized of course) published by David McKay and written by Frank Brady. I have seen the biographical section and I can tell you that it is the typical run of vicious personal slanders à la Ralph Ginzburg […]“ Bradys biography „Profile of a Prodigy.

The Life and Games of Bobby Fischer“ was published in 1973 by David McKay in New York. Autograph letters by Fischer are extremely rare..

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