Manuel de Falla

Falla, Manuel de

Komponist (1876-1946). Typed letter signed. Granada. 1 S. 4to. Französisch.
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To the publisher A.A.M. Stols in Brussels: „[...] Unfortunately, I haven´t got anything unpublished to offer. The work I am now in charge of cannot be adapted to your sketches (it seems to me on account of its proportions) Perhaps you are interested in making an edition de luxe of one of my works already published (I am thinking especially of RETABLO). In this case, I would like you to tell me everything so that I can study a possible agreement with the original editor and between us [...].“ (transl.).

- The piece mentioned is about „El Retablo del Maese Pedro“ (master Pedro´s puppet show) made after„Don Quijote“ by Cervantes which she wrote by order of princess Polignac. It was published in her palace in Paris on June, 25th,1923 (compare to CONTEMPORARY AND HISTORICAL MUSIC ENCYCLOPAEDIA III, 1750)..

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