Faisal II

King of Iraq, 1935-1958

"Faisal's childhood coincided with the Second World War, in which the Hashemite Kingdom of Iraq was formally allied with the British Empire and the Allies. In 1958, Syria joined with Nasser's Egypt to form the ""United Arab Republic"". This prompted the Hashemite kingdoms of Iraq and Jordan to establish a similar alliance. This league formally became the ""Arab Federation of Iraq and Jordan"". Faisal, as the senior member of the Hashemite family, became its head of state. His reign ended, when he was executed during the 14 July Revolution together with numerous members of his family. This regicide marked the end of the Hashemite monarchy in Iraq, which then became a republic."


Faisal II

King of Iraq (1935-1958). Autograph letter signed. Baghdad. 30.11.1945. 8vo. 1½ pp.
$ 2,181 / 2.000 € (33379/BN28476)

Rare, early autograph letter by the ten-year-old Faisal to Roy (i. e. F. Roy Deeley, a collector of autographs): "Thank you so very much for the snow-storms, I was delighted with them, and it is most kind of you to have taken so much trouble to find them. I hope you will have a very happy Xmas now that the war is over. Are you still working in the same factory, and how old are you now? Will you send me a snap-shot of yourself some time [...]". - A couple of very light, minor stains to the left edge, not affecting the text or signature.

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