Ferdinand Fabre

Fabre, Ferdinand

French novelist (1827-1898). Autograph letter signed and autograph calling card signed. Fontenay-sous-Bois and no place. 8vo and oblong 12mo. Together (1+1½ =) 2½ pp.
$ 234 / 220 € (82906/BN54276)

To Albert Collignon, editor-in-chief of the literary journal "Vie Littéraire", thanking him for the latest issue: "Je viens de lire le dernier Numero de la vie Littéraire, et je suis très heureux de vous envoyer l'expression de ma très vive sympathie [...]". - To a colleague about his retreat to the countryside and his poor health, mentioning that he is touched by his friendly letter about his autobiographic novel "Ma Vocation" (1889): "Retiré depuis deux mois à la campagne et un peu souffrant, ce n'est qu'aujourd'hui qu'un ami m'apporte vos très aimables lignes à propos de 'Ma Vocation'.

J'ai été très touché [...]". On mourning paper. - A portrait cabinet card, as well as a smaller portrait of Fabre from the Félix Potin collections that were offered with Félix Potin chocolate bars between 1898 and 1922 under the title "contemporary celebrities", and a newspaper clipping briefly listing Fabre's works are loosely enclosed. - With traces of former mounting on verso..

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