M. [Elisabeth of Romania] - Simionesco

[Elisabeth of Romania] - Simionesco, M.

French physician (fl. 1950s). 2 autograph letters signed. Paris. 4to. 2 pp. on 2 ff. With autograph envelope.
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To Marquis Marc de Favrat in Cannes, asking for news of Princess Elisabeth of Romania, former Queen of Greece, who was in hospital, apparently dwindling away, and trying to find out whether and how it might be possible to write to Elisabeth: "Je vous en prie je voudrais bien des nouvelles de Sa Majesté [...] dites moi si Je puis lui écrire - ou à qui?" (23 Aug. 1956). Again asking for news and expressing his worries about Elisabeth's state of health: "Je pense beaucoup à elle, mais je suis inquiète [...]" (undated).

- Elisabeth of Romania (1894-1956) settled in Cannes some years after her expulsion from Romania in 1947, when the Romanian People's Republic was proclaimed. In France, she met the much younger aspiring artist Marc Favrat, who became her lover, whom she made her equerry and adopted in the year of her death. - With letterhead of the "Société Internationale de Recherches Contre la Tuberculose et le Cancer" and "Fondation Marie de Roumanie [...] Docteur Briault"..

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