Alan [Elisabeth of Romania] - Preston

[Elisabeth of Romania] - Preston, Alan

British solicitor (fl. 1950). Typed letter signed. London. Oblong 4to and Folio. 1½ pp. on 2 ff. Stapled.
$ 131 / 120 € (87284/BN57735)

To Marquis Marc de Favrat in Cannes with a bill of £10-10-0 for legal advice regarding defamatory articles published in the "Sunday Express": "As I have not heard anything further from you I presume the matter on which you consulted us is closed and I enclose a note of my firm's charges herewith [...]". The invoice lists certain services, such as "obtaining copies of the issue of the 18th March and also obtaining copies of the issue of the Daily Mirror of the 19th March which contained similar articles [...]".

- Elisabeth of Romania (1894-1956), former Queen of Greece, settled in Cannes some years after her expulsion from Romania in 1947, when the Romanian People's Republic was proclaimed. In France, she met the much younger aspiring artist Marc Favrat, who became her lover and whom she made her equerry and adopted in the year of her death. - With lithographed letterhead of "Loxley & Preston"..

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