Michel [Elisabeth of Romania] - Henry

[Elisabeth of Romania] - Henry, Michel

judge (fl. 1950s). Typed document signed. Grasse. 4to. 1 page.
$ 1,634 / 1.500 € (87315/BN57777)

A document relating to the indictment against Desiderio Rossini, who stole jewellery belonging to Princess Elisabeth of Romania, former Queen of Greece, from her Villa Rosalba in Cannes on 10 January 1956. Marquis Marc de Favrat has requested indemnity payments, and the investigating judge Henry orders two pearl necklaces kept under seal by the police returned to Favrat: "Attendu que le maintien sans scellé de ces pièces à conviction n'est pas indispensable à la manifestation de la vérité, qu'il échet d'en ordonner la restitution au profit de leur propriétaire [...]".

- Elisabeth settled in Cannes some years after her expulsion from Romania in 1947 when the Romanian People's Republic was proclaimed. In France, she met the much younger Favrat who became her lover and whom she made her equerry and adopted son in the year of her death. - Some autograph annotations; letterhead "Tribunal de première instance de Grasse", stamped. A few marginal flaws. Includes a copied newspaper article..

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