Monique [Elisabeth of Romania] - Bach

[Elisabeth of Romania] - Bach, Monique

French autograph collector (fl. 1950). Autograph letter signed. Stirnig-Wendel. Folio (ca. 193:300 mm). 1 page. With autograph envelope.
$ 131 / 120 € (87277/BN57728)

To Marquis Marc de Favrat with a request to the former Queen Elisabeth of Greece, Princess of Romania (1894-1956), for an autographed photograph to complete a collection dedicated to the royal family: "Afin de couronner ma collection, je prends la liberté de solliciter Votre Majesté de bien vouloir me faire l'hommage d'apposer sa signature sur la photographie (hélas trop modeste en la forme) qu'elle trouvera ci-jointe [...]". - Elisabeth of Romania settled in Cannes some years after her expulsion from Romania in 1947 when the Romanian People's Republic was proclaimed.

In France she met the much younger aspiring artist Marc Favrat, who became her lover and whom she made her equerry and adopted in the year of her death..

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