négociations immobilières. [Elisabeth of Romania]. - Cabinet Nicolas

[Elisabeth of Romania]. - Cabinet Nicolas, négociations immobilières.

Typed letter signed. Cannes. 4to. 2 pp. on 2 ff. On headed stationery of the Cabinet Nicolas, Agents Immobiliers.
$ 436 / 400 € (87318/BN57780)

To Marc Favrat ("Sa Altesse Royale Prince Marc") in Golfe-Juan, concerning the final settlement for the Villa "Rosalba". Broken or lost inventory is noted, as well as outstanding bills for gas, electricity, and telephone. As there is no detailed information on the exact number of missing objects, a total debt of 40,500 francs is estimated, of which a note states that Favrat has already deposited 6,000 francs upon his departure. As the letter records, Favrat and the owner of the Villa "Rosalba", Madame Berger, are in agreement about the aforesaid objects and the generally good state of the villa: "Le tout est de savoir la quantité, mais comme l'inventaire ne le mentionne pas nous nous en reporterons à votre bonne foi pour faire une quote mal taillée entre les 6000 frs que représentent la quantité restant à votre départ et une estimation forfaitaire de ce qu'il y avait au début de la location [...]".

- Marc Favrat gained some fame through his relationship with Princess Elisabeth of Romania (1894-1956), former Queen of Greece, who settled in Cannes in the Villa "Rosalba" some years after her expulsion from Romania in 1947 when the Romanian People's Republic was proclaimed. The much younger aspiring artist Favrat became Elisabeth's lover, equerry, and adopted son in the year of her death. - With some handwritten annotations and a few small marginal tears..

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