Gustave Eiffel

Eiffel, Gustave

Ingenieur und Architekt (1832-1923). Signature in: Ch.-Éd. Guillaume: Le premier quart de siecle de la Tour de la Eiffel. Paris. 38 SS. Mit Frontispiz, zahlreichen Textillustrationen und 2 Klapptafeln. Moderne Broschur. 8vo.
$ 4,996 / 4.500 € (72657/BN46555)

Personally signed by Gustave Eiffel. With eight-line ms. note on the half title, stating that two ladies paid a visit to Eiffel in his private office above the third platform on the tower and received the present book as a gift, which he signed under the frontispiece. The book discusses not only the history of the tower's construction but also its importance for engineering. - A fine copy.

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Eiffel, Gustave

Letter Signed „G. Eiffel".
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar