Bob Dylan

Dylan, Bob

musician, poet and Nobel laureate (b. 1941). Portrait signed, together with Van Morrison. [Newcastle (UK). 253:198 mm.
$ 8,726 / 7.500 € (74002/BN47955)

Taken at the Newcastle Arena on the occasion of a concert for the Multiple Sclerosis Society and signed by both artists.

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Dylan, Bob

Ms. Schriftstück mit eigenh. U. ("Bob Dylan").
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar

Xerox copy of a deed, signed in black ballpoint by Bob and Sara Dylan, concerning the sale of the Deer Springs Ranch in Ventura County to Marshall Gelfand: "It is our mutual desire that title to the Ranch be held in Sara's name as her sole and separate property". With portrait photograph of Dylan affixed at top right corner; holes punched at left (not touching text). - Rare.