Charles Edward Dudley

Dudley, Charles Edward

American businessman and politician (1780-1841). Autograph letter signed. Washington, DC. 22.12.1830. 4to. 1½ pp. With autograph address verso. 3 edges gilt.
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To Thomas Worth Olcott (1795-1880) of the Mechanics and Farmers Bank, regarding the purchase of the flour mill owned and operated by the merchant and abolitionist Lyman A. Spalding (1800-85): "This day I received a letter from Mr. Clark dated 13 inst., intended to have been sent to Albany for your perusal in the first instance, but Mr. C. changed his mind and directed it to this city. He probably wrote you one to a similar purpose, and as He may wish to come to some conclusion about the mill of Spalding, invite him this Evening [...] The present may be a good time to purchase and settle the water question, and not wait for new political combinations to be formed [...] It will be better for us to buy peace than to have an uncomfortable and petty warfare for years.

The purchase must depend on the cooperation of Mr. Knower [i.e. the merchant, banker and politician Benjamin Knower, 1775-1839] & yourself, unless all the associates in the village property are willing to unite, each 1/10th, on the purchase. Unite me if you please on the subject in case you approve making the purchase at $30,000 of S. Mill and all his right and interest on the land appertaining to the same, or to the use of the water [...]". - A member of Martin Van Buren's Albany Regency, Dudley served as mayor of Albany, NY, a member of the New York State Senate, and a U.S. Senator from 1829 to 1833. He was an early example of the businessman in the Senate, where he played an inconspicuous role, but loyally supported the Jackson administration. - Slightly brownstained; 2 small holes barely affecting text. With 3 small strips of old mounting tape on verso..

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