Konrad Duden

Duden, Konrad

Philologe und Lexikograph (1829-1911). Autograph letter signed. Hersfeld. 6 SS. auf 3 Bll. 8vo. Mit einer Beilage (s. u.).
$ 18,186 / 15.000 € (73810/BN47693)

A comprehensive and emotional letter to his sister Hermine Weber about unpleasant financial and family matters, including a detailed account of the questionable financial arrangements of his brother August (which had led to a serious rift between them) and news from his son Eduard: "[...] As I write this, my dear Eduard is sailing across the ocean, bound for America! He spent a few months in London, where he had a moderately well-paid job and was asked whether he would like to take on a position in Chicago [...]". - Of the utmost rarity. - Includes an autograph envelope from Duden to his sister (postmarked 2 Nov. 1905).

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