Konrad Duden

German teacher and philologist, 1829-1911

"Konrad Duden founded the well-known German language dictionary bearing his name Duden. He studied history, Germanistics, and classical philology at Bonn. There he joined the ""Wingolfsbund"" student organization and took part in the political activities of the student societies during the revolutionary year 1848. After working as a home tutor for several years, he became director of the Royal Gymnasium in Hersfeld. There he published his most important work, the ""Complete Orthographic Dictionary of the German Language"" (Vollständiges Orthographisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache). During his entire life he strove toward the unification and simplification of the German orthography."


Duden, Konrad

Philologe und Lexikograph (1829-1911). Autograph letter signed. Hersfeld. 31.05.1893. 6 SS. auf 3 Bll. 8vo. Mit einer Beilage (s. u.).
$ 16,095 / 15.000 € (73810/BN47693)

A comprehensive and emotional letter to his sister Hermine Weber about unpleasant financial and family matters, including a detailed account of the questionable financial arrangements of his brother August (which had led to a serious rift between them) and news from his son Eduard: "[...] As I write this, my dear Eduard is sailing across the ocean, bound for America! He spent a few months in London, where he had a moderately well-paid job and was asked whether he would like to take on a position in Chicago [...]". - Of the utmost rarity. - Includes an autograph envelope from Duden to his sister (postmarked 2 Nov. 1905).

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