Charles Lutwidge (pseud. Lewis Carroll). Dodgson

Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge (pseud. Lewis Carroll).

British writer (1832-1898). Autograph letter signed. Guilford. Oblong-8vo. 2 pp.
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To „My dear Minnie“ [Milicent Horatia Murdoch] regarding the play "Two Little Vagabonds,": „Two Little Vagabonds“ is a capitally acted play, + well worth seeing. I would advise you not to take the children, though: the murders + deaths are too sensational for children. But you should get your husband to take you + Miss Moore. I’m sure you would enjoy it. I’m going to venture to give you a hint (being an old friend) that you might do a real kindness to my niece Menella Dodgson (always called ,Nella’) who is very near you, if you would take notice of her, + perhaps ask her to yur house, + thus brighten a little the rather dull-life of a school-teacher.

She is teaching at a school kept by Mrs. Buchnell, […] Shis is about 19 : + I don’t think you would find her at all disagreable. […]“.

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