Florence Dixie

Dixie, Florence

Scottish writer, war correspondent, and feminist (1855-1905). 2 autograph letters signed. Glen Stuart, Annan. 8vo. Together 4 pp. on 2 ff.
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To a biographer, recounting her childhood encounters with Charles Dickens: "I was a very little child when I first saw Dickens. He was very friendly with the late Genl. Sir W. R. Clayton of Harleyford, Great Marlow, Bucks. (The Sir Robert Railton in the Story of Ijain) On the few occasions I saw him he was very kind to the wee Ijain. Once I remember sitting on his knee while he told me the story of Little Nell. I can give you this anecdote for your book if you like. You can let me know your wish here [...]" (28 Dec.

1903). - To the same, providing notes on Dickens from a friend's diary: "I enclose you a short annecdote 'Note' taken from a friend's diary re Dickens. I can recall the incident it relates to and confirm it, but the exact date is not obtainable I fear as the diary it is taken from is in the form of reminiscences. I daresay however it will serve your purpose? I hope so [...]" (14 Jan. 1904, without the 'note'). - With printed address. Each with 2 strips of old mounting tape on verso..

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