Benjamin Disraeli

Disraeli, Benjamin

English author and politician; prime minister from 1874 to 1880 and confidant of Queen Victoria (1804-1881). Autograph letter signed „D.“. N.p., [July 24, 1849]. 8pp. 8vo.
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[To his older sister, Sarah Disraeli, 1802-1859.] Ralph wrote you a bulletin. I have nothing very particular to add – or rather I am so pressed with day's work that I can hardly bring my mind to write. I suppose we shall get down to H[ughende]n in ten days or so – but it depends on many things – wh[ich] don't go on as well as I c[oul]d wish. Last Saturday I dined at Sir Chas Burrell with the County of Sussex in the shape of D. of Richmond, Ld. March etc. Sir John Buller represented Devon & C.

Buckes – or there was Herries. The best guest how[eve]r were turtle, whitebait, venison, & Burgundy - our host very courteous & courtly. The Rothchildren have all gone abroad – to Wildbad principally bet[wee]n Baden Baden & Stuttgart – I remember it very picturesque in the black forest – we slept there overnight & eat trout out of the stream. Lola Montez’ marr[ia]ge makes a sensation. I believe he has only 3,000 per annum, not 13. It was an affair of a few days – She sent to ask the refusal of his dog, wh[ich] she understood was for sale – Of course it wasn't, being very beautiful – But he sent it as a present – She rejoined – he called & they were married in a week. He is only 21 & wished to be distinguished – Their dinner invitations are already out I am told. She quite convinced him, previously, that she was not Mrs. James – as for the King of Bavaria (who by the bye allows her 1500£, per annum & to whom she really writes every day) that he is... was only a malheureuse passion. I am very tired, having been working five hours on the Ceylon comm[it]tee, wh[ich] is very interesting […]“.

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