Ernest Desmarest

Desmarest, Ernest

Anwalt und Politiker (1815-1901). Document signed. Paris. ½ S. auf gefalt. Doppelblatt. 4to.
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A permit for "Mr. De La Chatre" to enter the town hall for a meeting with the newly appointed minister of justice, Adolphe Crémieux (1796-1880), on his first day in office after succeeding Michel Hébert in the early days of the February Revolution: "Laissez entrer à l'hotel de ville M. Delachatre, il demandera Monsieur le Ministre de [two words struck out] la justice". In 1848 the utopian socialist Maurice Lachâtre (1814-1900) served as delegate to the "Comité électoral démocratique" (Democratic Electoral Committee), alongside his friends Louis Blanc and Félix Pyat.

He would go on to participate in the Paris Commune of 1871; in 1872-75 he published the first French edition of Marx's "Kapital". - The present laissez-passer is issued by Ernest Desmarest, then Chief of Cabinet of the Minister of Justice. He would serve as mayor of the 9th arrondissement of Paris in 1870/71 and was elected to the Conseil de la Commune, but resigned immediately (cf. Vapereau, Dictionnaire universel des contemporains, Supplement [1859], p. 16). - On stationery with printed letterhead. Brownstained..

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